Who We Are

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We Are Coastal Beauties

We aren't just good looks and amazing talent. We aren't just top notch business and event promoters. We aren't just the best talent management and sourcing company on the west coast. We are innovators. We are tastemakers. We are game changers. We are trailblazers. We are the link between classic and new. We are movers and shakers. We are experienced and professional. We aren't just beautiful. We are Coastal Beauties. 

Jenna Banks

Las Vegas
Jenna Banks is the Coastal Beauties President/CEO. Her experience and professionalism have propelled her and the company to the top. Beauty, brains, and a winning personality make her a force to be reckoned with.

Ryan Kay

Ryan is a superstar manager from Northern California. She's been with the team since the beginning so she knows the industry and the business like the back of her hand.

Sara G Cook

Sarah is our fan frame currently residing in Canada. She headed the campaign to take our company international and now leads and manages all of our Canadian events and talent.
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what we offer

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future plans

At Coastal Beauties we always try to stay two steps ahead of the game. Although we have had tremendous success doing what we do best, we like to push the envelope. We are curently working on our biggest project yet. Coastal Beauties TV! It's a tv network like no other featuring all of the things you really care about. Everything from unique shows and segments to updated news and technology reviews. There is currently no station offering the amazing line up we have in store. We have already begun filming for most of the projects but we hold open casting twice every month.

We believe that our new network will change the face of broadcast, internet, and network TV. We hired the best directors, actresses, and set designers to make sure we bring you an awesome experience. We will be filming predominately in our new 6,000 square foot studio but also have a lot of plans to shoot on location. Your city could be next.

If we come to your city be ready for a fun and exciting casting party, our downtown nightclub takeover and our world famous pole crawls. Sign up now to get all the lastest news and VIP access to all of our upcoming events. Like and share this post for a chance to receive 2 free tickets to LVMP 1.

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What People Say About Us

Rick Garcia
“Always a good time at their events. I get the best shots and they allow me to meet and work with the most beautiful girls in the industry...”
Rick Garcia - Photographer/Publisher
DJ Amie Rose
“Love rocking it at their events. Always at a beautiful venue and the atmosphere is always super cool. I never miss their Mansion Party. Always my favorite time of year....”
DJ Amie Rose- DJ
Micheal Brunt
“Jenna and her team helped launch my Vodka company and took us from virtually unknown to the largest independent distributor in san Diego. The Coastal Beauties team rocks!”
Micheal Brunt- U4rik Vodka
Becky Richson
“I love modeling at the Coastal Beauties events. I get o work with famous photographers and I get to take photos with all of the celebrities and entertainers. Best job ever. They are so cool and down to earth yet on top of their business. I love CB!”
Becky Richson- Lawyer