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We give your event, business, or brand the attention it deserves. We turn ordinary events into beautiful experiences.

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We provide marketing and promotion services for businesses, brands, and events in southern California. We add an edge of sexy sophistication to any company that's garaunteed to increase sales and exposure. Our exclusive events are always spectacular and like no other experience. We are Coastal Beauties. WALK with them or FLY with us!

What We Do

At Coastal Beauties we know what it takes to execute a successful event. We have an experienced event team and managers ready to assist in every step of the process.

Our innovative approach to promotion will separate you from the crowd. We combine creative and professional services perfectly to generate new sales, fans, and customers.

Coastal Beauties TV is the hottest new video network in the industry. We bring you everything you want to see in a way never done before. Available online and select channels.

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Aug 06, 2014
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Amie Rose
Amie Rose
Rene Gonzales
Rene Gonzales
Victoria Vix
Victoria Vix
Casey Lorz
Casey Lorz
Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia
Danielle Tatas
Danielle Tatas
Laura Corbin
Laura Corbin
Katrina Chere Darrell
Katrina Chere Darrell

"I had an amazing time at the annual Coastal Beauties Mansion Party and am so glad they booked me to DJ! The place was beautiful, the food was great, and the women were hot....especially the owner Jenna. They REALLY know how to throw a party. I can't wait to play it again next year (if they'll have me). xoxo"

DJ Amie Rose - International Playmate, VH1 star & DJ

"C&E Makeup Artistry Team loved working for Coastal Beauties Annual Events 2 years in a row! They always put on top quality events. AWB was honored to have Coastal Beauties cover several of our Appreciation of Women in Business meetings and sponsor our annual gala."

Rene Gonzales - Founder and CEO of C&E Makeup Artistry Team

"love love love Jenna Banks and Coastal Beauties. It's always a good time and fantastic for networking. Coastal Beauties has given me a lot of insight and experience that is crucial for a new model. I owe my modeling career to them and their network of support is both professional and personal. I love them all so much, we are all family."

Victoria Vix - Model

"Thank you for inviting me to shoot at your CB Mansion Party this year! It was an amazing location to shoot and it was a great forum to network with talented models and fellow artists. I'm looking forward to working with your company again."

Casey Lorz - Casey Lorz Photography

"I'd like to thank Coastal Beauties for allowing me to shoot at the exclusive Coastal Beauties Mansion Parties. A fantastic opportunity for me to meet and work with talented make up artists and photographers. And of course all of the beautiful models that are eager to pose for you. Jenna and her team work very hard to provide an awesome location and a great shooting environment for all of us. Thanks again... looking forward to your next epic event."

Rick Garcia - Owner of Industry by Rick Photography

"Coastal Beauties has always had the best photographers for great photo shoots, including wonderful locations. I also attend CBMP every year. It's always a blast and the shoots, DJs, food, and entertainment is awesome. I've met so many great is great networking. Thanks for all the great memories Coastal Beauties! See you soon!

Danielle Tatas - model & gamer

"CBMP6 was so much fun! Not only was the location absolutely beautiful but the photographers in attendance were top notch; I even used one of the photos for my covershot on my fan page and another as my headshot. The other models were very sweet, and the CEO Jenna Banks, was very personable and kind, which is abnormal (in a good way). The cars were absolutely stunning; Ferraris, Cadillacs, Rolls Royces, Limos and more. They guests and beautiful DJ made it a day/night I will never forget. As far as publicity goes, my fan base grew after that party by the hundreds. I know it was because of the promotion Coastal Beauties did for me."

Laura M. Corbin - Model

"Coastal Beauties annual events are the biggest and most amazing events San Diego has ever seen! It's always a fabulous time to shoot with great photographers, luxury cars, waterfalls, and amazing models. I've also been hired by Coastal Beauties for tons of events and have always had a positive experience. I love you Coastal Beauties and am looking forward to many more years of business together."

Katrina Chere Darrell - American Idol, TV Actress & CEO of BikiniGirl Bikinis.

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