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U4Rik Tequila
01 Jan 2015 01 Jan

U4Rik Tequila

01 Jan 2015 01 Jan
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U4RIK Tequila is so versatile it can replace any spirit in your favorite cocktail and is so smooth you can drink it straight.... made from 100% pure agave from Mexico, these tequilas have an extensive and rapidly expanding fan base in Southern California.

Euphoric Tequila Drink 

U4Rik (pronounced euphoric) makes 3 outstanding Tequilas that include U4rik Silver, U4Rik Anejo, and U4Rik Reposado.  Check out just a fraction of what makes these tequilas so amazing!


euphoric reposado bottle  

U4Rik Reposado: Aged for a minimum of 6 months in American white oak barrels, U4rik Tequila Reposado is particularly popular with mixologists as the spirit definitely enhances their creations!



euphoric silver bottle

U4Rik Silver:  This tequila is surprisingly light on the palate, slightly sweet, and refreshingly smooth.   U4Rik Silver is a winner of gold medals a the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Spirits of Mexico.  



euphoric anejo bottle

U4Rik Anejo: Aged for a full two years in American white oak, this is true sipping tequila with a floral aroma, a honey sweet profile, and an oaky finish.  Ur4ik Anejo is a winner of the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

(via u4rik.com)

"At U4Rik Tequila, our goal is to challenge the preconceptions that define tequila, or in other words, to redefine tequila.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than when someone tells us, 'I don't like tequila, but I like U4Rik Tequila'... Our products are all easy to drink and incredibly versatile.  So whether straight up, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail, we hope you enjoy U4Rik Tequila as much as we do.  And always remember to drink responsibly." -U4Rik.com...


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euphoric tequila fact sheet


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